Saturday, 2 December 2017


It's sad that we've come to this. Angry Jesus and his cohort of evil have forced our hand in going to war against vile and despicable behaviour. Sorry Chair but I do not think we can look the other way here.

We have legitimate authority and as the greater association of bloggers have a monopoly  when it comes to deciding when to go to war.

We have just cause. and have good (moral) reasons for going to war: an enemy  has recently committed a major form of aggression against us; an enemy is likely to commit aggression against an ally of ours; there is a serious humanitarian problem in that this enemy has total disregard for the feelings, safety and well-being of serious and sincere bloggers.

We have the right intention. Our actions will satisfy the just cause even after the war is over.

This is a last resort. Our Chair has remonstrated through proper channels to which AJ and his dodgy cronies have paid no attention. The time for action is now.

We will be proportionate in our retaliation. While we will adopt 21st century methods and not storm in waving swords like a bunch of lunatics we nevertheless need to recognise the violence used by Baxter and give him a taste of his own medicine. This could be in the form of doctoring his bottles of wine (although he drinks such horrible shit I don't know what worse things we could put in it).

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