Saturday, 25 November 2017


* It would help to have an Australian or American accent when reading this Post title.

The other evening after a blazing hot day I noticed that the plants in pots on the deck were looking a bit dry. The saucers that the pots sit in were totally dry so I decided to water them. I like plants and, apart from destroying weeds and trimming hedges and trees I don't like to hurt them.

I started to water them, filling each pot until the soil is properly moistened and water filters through and starts to fill the saucers. On one big pot I noticed as I was watering that some ants were in the saucer. "Get out of there I said to them" but I don't think they understood. They knew that something was going on though as their activity increased. As some trickles of water started to glow into the saucer they got a bit more active and some climbed up out of the saucer ... but not all. Suddenly the water filtering through the pot whooshed out and filled the saucer. From an ants perspective this would have been like a tidal wave. Bye bye ants.

I felt sorry for the ants. I try not to hurt insects except when they are really bugging me (bugging me - did you see what I did there?) like flies, mosquitos and cockroaches. The big question though is - what's more important - the welfare of the plants or the ants?

I'll have to ponder on that for a while.


  1. You might as well ditch this blog and simply watch my white house.

  2. Last time I watched it ,it was partially obscured by your big black underpants.